Ulrich Havelock VonReichstad

From Circle Of The Crone


Ulrich Havelock VonReichstad Arrived in Colorado Springs with his constant companion Irene in 1904. He was a key figure in establishing the Circle of the Crones influence in the city at the time and often acted as council for Prince Spencer Penrose of matters of the Occult. Originally from Germany, and having spent much time in Great Britain, Ulrich maintains an air of a Victorian Gentleman. He is very proper at all times and his civility masks a hard cruel edge underneath. After establishing the crones in the city, Ulrich began to fade from public view for a time. He was rarely seen at court and there was much speculation as to what he was truly up to. He seemed to disappear entirely during the world wars and only started returning to the courts in the late 60’s. With the apparent degeneration of Prince Penrose Ulrich returned to the courts with a vengeance. Coming back into his own as a skilled manipulator and politician he now sits on the newly established Council of Lords and has been expanding his political power base since.

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